In the current shortage of Intel blamed Apple

Of course, very conditional. Today I came across an interesting article that explains how did the deficit.

I asked this question all the time, what he is, that is a month and a half. Judge for yourself, Intel is not yet able to move to 10-nanometer process technology, while continuing to sell the 14-nanometer processors. Demand in the PC market is hovering around zero, there may be a sales growth in the enterprise or server market, but he could not suddenly out what to take and yank up so that Intel with its considerable production capacities suddenly found himself in a situation when it cannot meet the demand.

In all that time I have not heard a single coherent explanation of this shortfall. And now it is. I will say in advance that I do not know how it is the factor that will be described below, influenced the situation, but it is possible that the situation is due to this factor from the beginning to the end.

So, as you know, Apple for some time at war with Qualcomm. On the background of the conflict, of course, Qualcomm stopped supplying its products, and that the modems for smartphones. Last year, Apple has been quite actively used modems Intel, but Qualcomm products were or about 50%, or even more. The current generation of smartphones is completely based on the Intel modems. These modems need to produce. And Intel itself produces them, whereas last year it modems produced by TSMC.

Now remember, when the shortage and rising prices on Intel? At the beginning of September. That is, the idea is that almost immediately after started mass production of Apple’s smartphone and, accordingly, the modems for them. And those modems are made on the same 14-nanometer technology processors. That is, they use the same production capacity.

And how many we have sold of Apple? Properly, tens of millions per quarter. And all this huge volume sharply fell on the shoulders of Intel. According to earlier reports, Intel has decided to maintain production server CPU, since there are margin and at times more, but has sacrificed the production of consumer models. Hence, in fact, the situation with the deficit. That is, formally, the “blame” Apple, but actually — the very Intel. I don’t know why advance companies do not start to increase our production capacity 14-nanometer products, but after the occurrence of deficiency stated that it will build an additional factory. What prevented to do it before? And now it turns out that even if temporarily, the market has moved on to AMD, and even large corporate clients are forced to go Intel for CPU AMD. And they can stay there for a long time, and this is more serious than a temporary loss in the consumer segment.

In General, Intel is big, she knows better. We can only reflect on the topic and wait when Intel will be able to cope with the demand. Some analysts say that it will happen in early 2019, and some believe that only at the end. I can say that prices on Intel in Europe, though still too high, fell significantly in comparison with what it was a few weeks ago.

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