In the Appendix of “Vkontakte” appeared voice and video calls

Company Vkontakte earlier in the web version launched video calls, but at that time the Internet speed did not allow to publicize this feature. And only now in Vkontakte’ve updated with new functionality. The VK app for Android and iOS now supports voice and video calls.

Currently, this option is not available to all, and applies it by analogy with Telegram, when the appearance of the functions needed to make your friends called you. A lot of attention in Vkontakte was put into security and privacy:

Security challenges provides end-to-end encryption. It runs on the user’s device — and no one, including Vkontakte, unable to obtain the content of conversations. This technology is time tested and is used for communication in modern services.

Speaking of modern services, it is including the Telegram messenger, where implemented exactly the same end-to-end encryption. In Vkontakte we immediately noticed that the keys for access to information is not technically possible.

Calls Vkontakte protects from auditions cryptographic key agreement Protocol encryption (ZRTP). The packages themselves at the same standard encrypted secure file transfer Protocol (SRTP).

In the application settings have the opportunity to select users of the social network that you can call. It can be all users or just friends.

For speed of operation and stability of the connection meets peer-to-peer network, i.e. connection is established directly between users without intermediaries in the form of servers Vkontakte. The ICE Protocol provides high quality video and audio calls.

Is there anyone among our readers those who are already lucky enough to try out a new feature Vkontakte?

According to the materials of Vkontakte

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