In the App Store penetrated double the official application “My tax”

Security measures that protected the Apple App Store, trying to protect it from malware and fraudulent applications, sometimes fail, and the directory still penetrates unwanted software. It happened this time. This week in the App Store infiltrated by a double application “My tax”, supposedly intended for the calculation of taxes for self-employed, which really has nothing nothing to the tax system of the Russian Federation.

Despite the fact that a fraudulent application status-double could not be confirmed, its name and functionality can mislead inexperienced users. Like the original, which will appear in the App Store only January 1, the clone offers to be tested to the satisfaction of the citizen to the status of self-employed, calculate tax for a particular month that you want to pay, and be familiar with the provisions of the law on self-employed citizens.

Fake ON the App Store

Most of the users who installed an unofficial app “My tax”, was dissatisfied with his performance. According to them, the design shows various advertisements, diverting attention and suggesting that the Creator just wanted to be on the wave unfolded around the themes of self-employed hype. The official app, like all the civil services, will be 100% free from advertising, spreading absolutely free.

At the time of the publication of the morning of 29 December the app-double “My tax” is still available in the range is the App Store and will probably remain there for a long time. In any case, the developer does not claim their creation as an official program of calculation of tax, which means that Apple most likely will not be a reason to find fault with him. So the only thing we can advise to you, — continue to avoid entering personal data in applications that mimic the functionality for the provision of public services.

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