In Taiwan, the gangsters shot at the Bitcoin miner due to the small profit from mining coins

In February unknown persons in the center of Moscow robbed the developer of the cryptocurrency PRIZM Yuri Mayorov. A man stole a laptop, phone and 20 thousand dollars. According to the founder of the cryptocurrency Alexei Muratov, the aim of the attack was not valuable things, and the technology PRIZM. In Taiwan, the criminals moved on. There two men were shot in the Bitcoin miner, who failed to provide a sufficient return on investment.

How to profit from mining

According to local newspaper Liberty Times, Gao Kiting and Chen Yumin made a deal with a trader by the name of Wu Nan. The latter has received 47 thousand dollars, which was to invest in a mining farm in China. But investments have not yielded the returns that were expected by the customers. The reason was the ban on transactions with cryptocurrency and holding ICO, adopted by the Chinese authorities.

Frustrated by unsuccessful investment of the gangsters was shot seven times at Nana. The man was injured and the criminals were detained by the police.

Apparently, the criminals had not sufficiently studied the market before you invest in the cryptocurrency. Back in March analysts Check Point Software Technologies estimated that the profits from mining Bitcoin compared to last year fell several times and now exceeds the cost of only 6 percent.

After the ban on production and operations cryptocurrency in China, many miners left the country. Their ranks may soon join Bitmain — the country’s largest manufacturer of equipment for mining. Previously, the company announced the intention to open a subsidiary in Zug and move all production facilities in Northern Europe.

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