In Sweden, they will try to create electronic copies of dead people

The idea of ​​transferring a person's consciousness into the computer is actively exploited by science fiction writers and filmmakers of fantastic films for many years. However, to this day no one has managed to implement this in reality. But this does not mean that there are no people who want to become pioneers in this field. The management of a large network of Swedish funeral bureaus Phoenix has set itself an ambitious goal: to try to create the most plausible electronic copies of dead people.

"It all started with the fact that our specialists created a special program that mimics the human voice that answers our clients' questions about funeral arrangements. It was then that we had the idea that this technology could be developed further. We decided to change it in such a way that it became capable of imitating the voices of deceased people. And after that, we decided that we could try to create at least a partial electronic copy of the deceased person, "explains Charlotte Runius, director of the funeral home network.

The first stage of the project will be the imitation of the voice of the deceased person, as well as the integration of this voice with artificial intelligence, capable of answering the simplest questions posed to him. However, later the management of the bureau plans to start the development and production of robots, which will resemble the dead as much as possible. Of course, all this is still hard to believe, and the project so far only resembles the way of an effective and inexpensive self-piracy. But what the hell is not joking? Suddenly, the Swedes really get something out of this seemingly unrealizable idea?

At the moment the company is looking for volunteers who will agree to take part in the project and will allow to record their votes for their subsequent digitization. Based on the success of this experiment, the management of the bureau will decide whether to proceed to the next stage of the project or whether the idea should be abandoned as hopeless. Even if the Swedes do not succeed in the end, one day, even after decades or even centuries, something like this must necessarily happen. And our descendants will live in a world similar to that shown in the science fiction television series "Modified Carbon."

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