In spite of the cause in the murder of a lady, the return of Uber cars self-driving!

Read new Sudden by officials, Pennsylvania, consists in allowing to buy AWeber, the Treaty on the ball again, and the experience of self-driving cars on its streets, after months of the accidental killing caused, will be the situation last?

AWeber back

At the time was the suspicion of beauty, for the possibility of the return policies of Uber’s self-driving test again, decided to the RTA in the state of Pennsylvania, allowing the company famous technology competent cars, re-make their selections from the new on the streets of the United States.

Came the announcement of the news formally, by official spokesperson AWeber, which explained the independence of his company the letter from the Transportation Authority, Pennsylvania, confirm through it the possibility of Uber – consumption choice was controversial, after a hiatus for months, and specifically since last March, when he collided with a car and Uber self-driving woman, causing her death.

Proved the investigations into this tragic accident then, that the person in charge of the follow-up to the road from inside the car, Uber self-driving, during the accident, was following the videos via his own phone, as explained to the cameras that look for his e-mail about 204 times during 43 minutes, so with the disaster wasn’t ready to save the situation, as he had supposed.

Changes and updates

Announced Uber following the tragic incident referred to, turn off their selections on a temporary basis, where the company sought famous to make some adjustments to the core, hoping to increase the factors of safety with the return of activity by private cars, self-driving, it seems they succeeded with the declaration of the state of Delaware with its last.

Referring AWeber to it will be from now on, put two people in the front seats of their policy of driving during the tests, in anticipation of the occurrence of any error a sudden, administrators can trading through brakes automatic available drive.

It was the development of policies, Uber self-driving has started since 2015, where he launched the company to conduct tests in the following year, however, confusion reigned in the atmosphere since the occurrence of the accident collision in the month of March Past and perhaps even now, in spite of the decision to allow self-driving cars return to streets and roads.

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