In smartphones Samsung has led the ring: why is it necessary?

Смартфон Samsung Galaxy A8s

The company Samsung is not afraid of experiments, and that is why it equipped its smartphone Galaxy A8s hole for a selfie camera. Judging by the new Internet photos, she intends to use this feature in full. The photo shows the smartphone around burning holes arranged in a circle LEDs. According to preliminary data, they need how to lighten portraits, and notifications about messages and calls. Apparently, the element is in the Galaxy A8s and will appear in the upcoming flagship Galaxy S10.

It is believed that tiny LEDs light up while shooting photos during the process of face recognition. It is likely that they are sensitive to the touch of a finger and is able to give the command to launch camera application. Unusual and very unexpected item, you can find other uses. For example, it can completely replace the notification light to show the battery level. Importantly, LEDs do not consume a lot of energy. At least in the mentioned source and LED-backlight, there is a possibility that the indicator appears on the display and does not affect the brightness of the photos.

Индикатор Samsug Galaxy S10

Samsung Galaxy A8s is available for pre-order from China. There it is available at a cost equivalent to 30 000 rubles. For a smartphone with a Snapdragon chipset 710 and RAM at least 6 GB this seems like a great price, however, it is understood that in Russia the price tag can significantly increase.

As for the flagship Samsung Galaxy S10, its announcement is expected in the first half of 2019. In addition to the increased performance and the above “ring” around the selfie camera, the device has the function of reverse charging. This means that he will be able to share energy with other devices, e.g. Bluetooth-headphones and fitness bracelets.

What do you think, what other purposes can be used the led ring around the selfie camera? Would like to buy a smartphone with such a feature? Your opinion about a new idea Samsung you can write in the comments or in our Telegram chat.

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