In Singapore introduced Ballet — simple cryptocurrency wallet with an eye on newcomers

A year ago, businessman Bobby Lee sold one of the oldest kryptomere China BTCC, after which for a long time gone from the attention of the crypto media. Now he’s back with the start-up Ballet, which is developing a simple and straightforward wallet for multiple cryptocurrencies. Information about the new product was announced Tuesday at the conference, invest:asia in Singapore.

Features of the new crypto

Bobby said that the device will be designed for those who have no experience of using digital assets. Device Ballet do not need to configure a public address and private keys for each user are generated by the company.

We wanted to create a simple and elegant wallet. That’s what we have achieved in this direction.

Ballet made of a metal card with printed QR code on the front side. The unique combination is associated with an address, created a new firm Whether. Below is the line coded on the reverse side also has a combination of characters. Aligning two strings, the user is able to access personal account in the app Ballet, where he finds out your private key.

I worked on this since January of this year. Before the final stage of development was rejected by six variants of the design of the purse.

At the moment, the Ballet supports Bitcoin, Litecoin, XRP , and all ERC-20 tokens issued on the basis of blockchain Ethereum. It is noteworthy that to access all the supported coins will use a single universal private key.

Models of the purse. Source: Cointelegraph

Simplicity is not the only significant advantage Ballet. Lee said that the pre-order price of the purse will not exceed $ 29. It is much cheaper proposals that are on the market from major manufacturers of hardware wallets like the best wallet. Pre-order the Ballet will open in October.

However, there are some concerns about the security and anonymity of each metal card. The company will personally generate the addresses and private keys for each, then there is a potential threat to the safety of funds of each client.

Source: Coindesk

Lee hastened to reassure everybody — the process of key generation is complicated and employees of the company will not be able to access them.

We create combinations of keys in two places separated by thousands of miles. After the generation process, no one can get access to secret combinations.

Let's see how Bobby Whether a startup will be successful. Perhaps he will play the same role as in his time, played the iPhone, after which the appearance of smartphones changed forever. Only this time the Ballet will bring to the world of cryptocurrencies with thousands of new users. I hope it will happen.

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