In Russia will develop a hybrid electric aircraft engine

A working prototype of hybrid installation is scheduled to be submitted in 2019, according to “Izvestia”, citing a Ministry of industry and trade. According to experts, the introduction of such technologies will allow 60 percent to increase the energy efficiency on Board of an aircraft will reduce operating costs for maintenance of aircraft and increase fuel efficiency.

Experts also noted that classical approaches in the aircraft industry had practically exhausted themselves, and an era when developers will put the task of improving environmental and energy efficiency of aircraft.

According to representatives of the Ministry of industry and trade, the production of a working prototype of a new hybrid aircraft engine will use “breakthrough technologies, including high-temperature sverkhprovodimosti”. The power of the prototype hybrid engine will be 0.5 MW.

The new hybrid engines, experts say, there are both advantages and disadvantages. Among the advantages are, for example, highlight the greater efficiency at cruising speed of the vessel, which in turn can speak about the increased range. A serious drawback could be considered the great weight of the batteries to be used in such engines. In addition, batteries have another unpleasant feature – their capacity and resources may be reduced when operating in low temperature conditions.

Many foreign companies also are developing in this direction, said the source.

“Currently, most of the leading developers of aviation technology consider the use of hybrid and electric propulsion most promising method to achieve compliance with the above requirements”, — quote the comments of the Ministry on the issue, the newspaper “Izvestia”.

It is noted that the company has gone through a stage of flight tests, and shall obtain the appropriate certificates for use in the next 3-5 years. As soon as the new hybrid engines will receive all the necessary certificates, will start work to increase the capacity and range of flight vessels.

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