In Russia will create a 50-Kubany quantum computer

The Foundation for advanced studies, Moscow state University, WEB and a number of other Russian organizations formed a consortium whose purpose is the development of a quantum computer consisting of not less than 50 qubits, said the press service of the “VEB Innovation”. While Western scholars have already demonstrated the installation of more than 50 qubits, Russian specialists still created only a few qubits. But that will soon change.

“The Foundation for advanced studies, Vnesheconombank, Moscow state University named after M. V. Lomonosov, the company “VEB Innovations” and ANO “Digital economy” in the Russian investment forum signed an agreement on realization of scientific-technical project for the establishment of mnogoserijnogo quantum computer”, — stated in the message.

There are several types of quantum computers. Universal quantum system is able to perform any quantum algorithm. In quantum simulations of quantum objects mimic the behavior of real systems. However, the complexity of computing valid in all cases depends on the amount involved in these systems of qubits (quantum bits). In contrast to conventional bits, the qubit can be in a superposition of several States, allowing for quantum computing level to perform simultaneously many computing tasks. Some experts believe that a system with 50 qubits involved can already cope with the task, before which baffled even the most powerful modern supercomputers.

Yet, quantum computers have the advantage over the classical only in a limited range of applications. For example, when working with quantum algorithms, is able to greatly accelerate the decomposition of numbers into Prime factors (Shor’s algorithm), searching for the roots of Boolean functions (Grover’s algorithm) and so on. In addition, quantum computers allow us to effectively predict the behavior of real quantum systems such as molecules or electrons in crystals.

To date, international teams established quantum simulators based on 53 qubits and 50 kubinyi universal quantum computers. In both cases, importantly, on the basis of which physical objects are constructed qubits. The two most popular destinations — dzhozefsonovskikh superconducting contacts and cold atoms and ions. For example, record complex 53-Kubany calculator constructed on the basis of ions of ytterbium and universal computers are more commonly used superconducting system.

As for future Russian developments, as indicated in the agreement, signed during Russian investment forum Foundation for advanced studies, Moscow state University named after M. V. Lomonosov, VEB, “VEB Innovations” and ANO “Digital economy”, it will be formed on the basis of photonic chips and neutral atoms. System plan to use for production of new materials and pharmaceuticals. Particularly when the specialists will start to build the computer, and who will Fund this development, the document is not specified.

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