In Russia, the demand for experts in the field of blockchain and cryptocurrency

The statistics of search queries shows strong demand for Russian specialists in the sphere of the blockchain, according to Bitcoin. Most employers offer to interview for a job in banks or IT companies. Competition among future cryptoexpert is also growing, as Russia is preparing for new rules for regulating FINTECH sector.

Don’t forget to include the blockchain in summary

According to research by platform Index Head Hunter, about six candidates applying for one vacancy in the Russian Federation. The indicators characterize the presence of healthy competition on the labour market, which is very beneficial to employers. But whether this trend in all spheres of the Russian economy?

Statistics of online services for job search shows an increase in demand for experts in the field of the blockchain, mining and cryptocurrencies. According to Head Hunter, just last month was 387 open vacancies in the sector of financial technology. We will remind, for the first half of 2017 in the same field was available only 201 vacancy. The demand for certain skills increased by almost 11 times.

Work in the field of cryptanalysts offer IT companies and financial institutions located in the two largest cities – Moscow and St. Petersburg. Especially the recruitment of new employees commented on the Director-General of Superjob service Natalia Gadaeva.

Most employers don’t even publish jobs directly, but just looking for the right candidate through the database summary. If you’re really good in the field of cryptocurrency and mention it in your summary, you’ll find it.

Recall that changes in the labor market occurs against the backdrop of growing concern of the Russian government on the issue of cryptocurrencies. The global labor market is booming for experts in the crypt. In Linkedin since the beginning of 2018 was published 4,500 jobs related bloccano, Bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies.

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