In Russia reduced the customs limit: what Apple should take now?

Some already know this, but for many this news will be unexpected — from 1 January 2019 in Russia come into force the new customs limits. If earlier it was possible not to pay duty when ordering goods from another country on less than 1,000 euros per month, in the new year the duty-free limit officially lowered to 500 euros. How will this affect the Apple technology, which brought to Russia?

Will have to pay a fee. Of course, you’ll still be able to buy a more expensive device of € 500 and order it with delivery to Russia, but January 1 will have to pay an additional fee — 30% of the amount exceeding the limit.

Prices will rise. On devices that are sold in Russia, the fee is also will affect stores will begin to raise prices to compensate for financial losses incurred due to the reduction of the customs limit. Add to that the VAT increase to 20% and the traditional raising prices in January and get an impressive price of the new devices, not only from Apple but from other manufacturers.

If you’ve been putting off a major purchase, don’t think and do it now while the new customs limits are not in force.

What to buy? As prices rise?

For example, the iPhone XS you can buy directly on the American Apple website at a price of 999 dollars (about 67 000), whereas in Russia this smartphone is 88 000. After January 1, the American price will need to add the fee in the amount of approximately 112 EUR 8 000. On iPhone XR the fee will be smaller (about 50 euros), but is still enjoyable to buy a smartphone without additional costs, and the money saved to buy a new pair of pants or sneakers. Especially in the US, the iPhone XR now costs 749 dollars (slightly more than 50 000), and in Russia — 65 000 rubles.

With the purchase of a new iPad Pro 2018, too, should hurry, or on January 1, will need in addition to 53 000, which tablet is worth in the United States, to pay another 60 euros. Find the new iPad also available on Amazon or in a big store B&H PhotoVideo (though a little more expensive). The same modification of the device in Russia is sold at the price from 66 000 rubles.

What is really beneficial to buy before the New year is a new MacBook Air, which was presented in autumn this year. Now the Junior version of notebook available in the U.S. Apple store for 80 000 rubles (in Russia he asked for 105 000!). And fees from 1 January will amount to a considerable sum — more than 12 000 rubles.

And now for the not less important — how to deliver. Foreign online Apple store, as you know, in Russia the goods carries — this will help the service delivery of goods from the United States and Europe — mail-order. Just sign up on the website, will receive free personal address, and when ordering in the store indicate it. And if something is not clear, in a friendly chat support service professionals advise on any issue, including tax. If the limit purchase, you “pass”, you can order something else (for example, new jeans and sneakers) and ask Banderolku to combine orders into one package. This is a free service that will help to further save on shipping.

As you know, time to think not so much — or order now or then will have to pay a fee. And since American shops still sell the remains of the device after Black Friday and cyber Monday, you can find really great offers.

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