In Russia for pre-order Meizu M6s will give Pixelphone S1

The company Meizu has launched a pre-order M6s. In China the Meizu M6s you can buy for 9-10 thousand rubles in a version with 32 GB of flash memory. Of course, this is an attractive price tag, against which the official price Meizu M6s in Russia looks not so interesting. But there is one thing.

In Russia Meizu M6s is rated at 14 990 rubles for the version with 3 GB RAM and 32 GB of flash memory, and that’s a plus 5-6 thousand to the cost of the device when compared with AliExpress. Of course, it may seem that there is no sense to buy a RST version of the apparatus, however, the meaning is that if you make a paid pre-order on the website Pixelphone, you will receive a free Pixelphone S1. This is a budget device, on the weak MediaTek processor, however, I note Android Nougat, 2 GB RAM, thin side frames and interesting design that device for 5 thousand rubles is quite a decent.

Thus, if we consider that in China, the official cost of the M6s is 8700 rubles, Meizu special benefits to such actions are not pursued. But, of course, minus the guys are not left, as in the amount of M6s and Pixelphone S1 even with the RST price of the latest cost of 14 thousand rubles.

But plus such further action and that the consumer receives a formal guarantee in Russia and the normal firmware without Chinese “junk”. So if we are talking about paid pre-order, buy M6s profitable, but when the start of sales of the gadget, the shares will not be, and to pay about 30% of the cost of a smartphone not everyone wants, but here it is worth considering that this year Meizu have an interesting public sector, which is not ashamed to overpay.

According to the materials of Meizu

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