In pictures: Gmail gets a new design

Google is preparing to launch a new design to develop Gmail to phones in the coming weeks.

Think a new design for work white color to make the interface “clean” as much as possible, which are characterized by a copy of Gmail on computers since April last.

Most of the changes are aesthetic, such as simplification of the form of icons, some of them practical such as the display of the tab key in fact.

Most importantly is to change the place to choose the Gmail account to the user – in the case of using more than one account on the app, instead of going to the option in the side menu, all you have to do is click on the account picture in the top search bar to choose the account.

And also view attachments to mail messages, so you won’t have to open the message to see the attachments after the update, just like the version computer. Knowing that the update provides three options to display messages in the interface: the default where show attachments to messages, and is where do not show attachments to messages, and The Wizard where you choose the image of the sender.

And the side menu has three sections: all Inbox, where emails that have not read, recently, where the last three open files. All classifications, where Know tabs classification regular messages.

Seek Google behind the new design to unify the designs of the apps key services, where you see that the language of “what you use Thi” New good successor to the language “you want beauty desire,” which was based on the form of cards, in order to increase productivity.

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