In pictures: Android Q will protect the privacy

While many are waiting the arrival of Android 9, give our developers XDA an early look at the development of the Android version of 10, which is symbolized currently by Q.

Since Android 10 still in the development stage that could change what we use here in the official version associated with launch typically between August and September.

Beside what has been revealed by the leaks about the existence of Dark Mode, which replaces the color system White in black, in order to save the battery behind the eye, it seems that the Android Q will be held from the protection of privacy, also note the pictures below.

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Offer the simplest for what you get apps from personal information, such as contacts and geographical location.

You can customize the use of application data for your location from the settings, where you can choose between: all the time, when you use only, or absolute.

When you open an application that uses the location data for the first time will be options to customize the use of the site of the three, so you don’t have to reach the settings.

During the tracking application or more your geographic location or use a microphone and a camera icon will appear notice the status bar to alert you.

Click on the icon of the notification of the status bar, the window appears with a list of apps which track your location or use the camera and microphone at the current time.

In the Settings app, there will be a dedicated section to simplify the viewing permissions granted to each application.

Dark mode will be released for all Android system Q, including applications that you’ll pay in the future.

You can check in the Dark Mode Select: always activate, disable, always, or depending on the time of day; with the second option: the sword of the dark mode in night hours only.

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