In order for the internet more efficient.. where to put the router in the House?

Many complain of the speed of the internet, which is affected by the distance between the electronic device which is received by and router, so now make clear some of the ways in which they can improve internet speed as much as possible, through the modification of the location of the router inside the House.

Put in the middle.

Recommended attention to the status of the router in the middle of the house, where you can buy a cable for the fifth group, for example, to extend it to more places near the bedrooms, and any of the sites that is used by a computer or smart phone constantly.

If you live in a house of two floors, you should place the router on the wall, until it becomes close to the top floor, because the radio waves are generally trending down, what reduces the access to the internet in that case for those who live on the second floor.

Avoid the obstacles

Can to radio waves that penetrate walls, but that task becomes more difficult the greater the thickness of these walls, to add a reference clearly explains the poor state of internet houses, the fortified walls of brick or concrete, and requires avoid walls as much as possible.

Also, we find that the metals or mirrors think of the worst enemies of the router, because they reflect radio waves, reveals the disadvantages of putting the router behind the TV or in the bathroom.

Stay away from the kitchen

Is your microwave of the leading causes of failure of the router in the completion of his mission, that’s because both devices are working through the same slice of the electromagnetic spectrum, 2.4 GHz, and so the more a person uses a microwave more affected by the speed of the internet market.

As for the minerals that had already made clear their negative impact on the work router, which can spread to lots of computers the kitchen such as refrigerators, Arbutus, is the IS other of the highlights of the stimuli on the dimensions of the router from the kitchen.

Adjust the antenna

Antenna is a wire antenna connected to the router, which activates and receives the internet, so with the possibility to modify its position, it is advisable to direct it in vertical if you want to spread the signal horizontally, if you are in a house composed of more than one story, you have to direct the wire antenna horizontally, so as to be able to deploy the internet in a column.

In the end, are the simple tricks, but their role is very effective and it can help you without the need to contact the staff of the technical support of the internet, in a lot of cases.

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