In North America found a diamond the size of a chicken egg

Самый крупный алмаз Северной Америки

Scientists still is uncertain how to form some of the most expensive minerals on earth — diamonds. It is known that the largest of them are formed at depths of 150-200 km, and keep the secrets of the composition of the Earth. Most large minerals found in South Africa, but the canadian mining company Dominion Diamond Mines announced the discovery of large diamond in North America. This is an absolute record for the region.

Yellow diamond weighing 552 carats were produced at the diamond mine Diavik, located 200 km South of the Arctic circle. The abrasive surface of the mineral the size of a hen’s egg says that before the appearance on the surface he has a long and complicated path.

Color and texture are unique evidence of a complex path are natural diamonds from generation to detection by the miners. — declared the Chairman of Dominion Diamond Mines Kyle Washington.

The cost of the discovery of diamonds not yet rated. After the announcement of the value it will be divided into several parts and carefully polished. Most likely, they’ll make decorations, which will be offered for sale. Their cost will amount to several million dollars — after all, it is the seventh largest mineral, discovered in this century.

Самый крупный алмаз Северной Америки

The second largest diamond in North America is Diavik Foxfire 187,7 carat weight. It was discovered in 2015, and a year later displayed in the Smithsonian Institute next to the famous the hope Diamond.

The biggest diamonds, as mentioned above, it is found in North Africa. In 2015, the firm Lucara Diamonds found 1111-carat stone. More it is only found in 1905, the stone – “Cullinan”, fragments of which were made ornaments for the Royal family of great Britain.

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