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Despite the fact that the release of the updated iPhone models slated for September, on the Network every day there are more details about the main novelties of this year. For example, yesterday revealed another key feature of the flagships of the Apple screen with a refresh rate of 120 Hz, or technology ProMotion. If so, the upcoming smartphones promise to be extremely interesting.

In fact, the ProMotion is not a new technology — Apple has successfully applied it in such products as the iPad Pro (2017) and iPad Pro (2018). A special hardware module provides extremely smooth and clear picture, automatically adjusting the refresh rate for specific tasks. For example, during interaction with the operating system and applications, the frame rate will always be a maximum of 120 Hz. And if the screen device is a static image, the refresh rate (to conserve battery) is reduced to 24 Hz. In addition, this technology provides minimal latency when working with the pen, Apple, Pencil.

Maybe on paper it does not look too optimistic, but in reality the difference between 60 and 120Hz is huge. Users who have tested the technology ProMotion in action, note the higher smoothness of the image and instant response to action.

And if you believe one of the Chinese insiders, this option will debut in the new iPhone. However, technology will only get the flagship model of the iPhone. The successor to the iPhone XR, alas, will be content with the usual screen with a refresh rate of 60 Hz.

The insider also added that the updated model of Apple’s smartphone will get a powerful battery and support fast charging of the new generation (15 watts).

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