In Moscow will launch Russia’s first unmanned tram

Apparently, unmanned public transport will appear in Russia much earlier than the Autonomous taxi. On this hint the last news that the Russian company Cognitive Technologies and the “PC Transport system” in the next 1-2 months will start the testing of Russia’s first unmanned tram. Details about the new project not so much, but they’re enough to make a rough idea about how will be tested and how will the automatic control system.

Трамвай «Витязь-М»

Autonomous tram will be made on the basis of “Vityaz-M”, launched in 2014 and speeds up to 75 km/h. the Modification will be equipped with automatic control system, developed by Cognitive Technologies. It includes about 20 video cameras and 10 radar. They are necessary for the recognition of people, vehicles and other objects and rapid response to their appearance. According to company President Olga Uskova, the system will remain operational even in rain, fog and other conditions with poor visibility of the road.

The tram is already being tested at the site of the depot Bauman. After successful testing on a secure site, it will be released on the streets of Moscow. Initially, he is driving around without passengers on the route Ostankino — Medvedkovo. While driving will be the driver who in case of danger will be ready to take control in their hands. Commercial launch is scheduled for 2021.

Perhaps starting a stand-alone transport with trams is the right choice. In Russia they are very popular and, possibly, equipping them with the autopilot system is much cheaper. In addition, the likelihood that they will create havoc on the roads, is extremely small.

If you want to have in your city there were unmanned trams? Their opinion about the project please write in the comments and we can discuss this topic in our Telegram chat!

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