In Moscow test a system of delivery drones

Various unmanned aerial vehicles have been used by professionals Amazon within the service Prime Air and Google’s robot couriers , Project Wing, but instead wait for the arrival of Western technology in Russia, Russian specialists decided to create a similar system and now in Moscow, testing the software for the delivery of parcels using drones.

The new software connects the copter with the application through which is set the route of flight. The range of the drone flights on a single charge is 30 miles, and the navigation is done via satellites and are placed in the path of geotagging. To manually control the drone does not need the operator merely showed him the way. As stated by the head of the Department of science, industrial policy and entrepreneurship of Moscow Alexey Fursin,

“Aircraft with such software can be used in industrial plants, warehouses and large stores. They can be useful, for example, for urgent delivery of small cargoes and correspondence. One drone is able to lift cargo weighing up to three kilograms.”

At the moment set at 20 drones that are being tested. Their movement, takeoff and landing, as well as charging at a special station operators control via tablet, computer or smartphone. In the future, the system promises to become Autonomous, and the individual need only follow the movement of the drone and set the route. In June 2018, the copter will begin patrols in Moscow, in the area Borisov ponds. They will help rescuers to identify swimmers in trouble (and, if necessary, to give them a self-inflating life vests), as well as those who kindle fires. Later, the drones perekvalifitsiruetsya to the postmen and begin to deliver packages.

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