In London will deliver the first performance of bitcoin

In March the startup DEUS ETH launched a reality show on smart contracts with the main prize of Ethereum. Participants buy characters and in the form of a game are the quests for survival. The last player left alive gets a few hundred coins.

London theatre Trafalgar Studios has taken another step towards the promotion of digital assets. In August, the Studio will premiere the “silk road”, which tells the history of the largest at the time, darkweb store illegal goods silk road. This writes NewsBTC.

Cryptocurrency in the theater

The script of the play was written by the Director John was it Oates in 2014 — at the same time, an anonymous philanthropist donated the production of 4 million dollars in bitcoins. The play tells the story of a young cryptoendoliths struggling with the use of cryptocurrency for criminal purposes.

Premiere of “silk road” was held at the Edinburgh theatre Fringe in 2016, then the drama was shown at the festival VAULT. The publication notes that now the show gained its own platform in the theater before it was shown only twice. Actors Trafalgar Studios, will play “silk road” from 7 August to 1 September, the main role in the play will play Josh barrow.

According to Oates, he intends to show the Internet is completely unregulated as it was in the early 2000-ies.

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