In IOS 6 OnePlus found a critical vulnerability

The firmware for the OnePlus 6, there is a critical vulnerability that allows you to run on the smartphone modified software, even with a locked bootloader, found out XDA. A breach in the security system allows attackers received thus access to the machine, install the complete control over it.

To exploit the vulnerability the attacker would need the phone, cable and personal computer. OnePlus 6 connecting to a PC, you need to start the device in Fastboot mode. In this mode the software allows you to restore the firmware with which you can edit the system images and run the modified SOFTWARE.

According to representatives of OnePlus, they are already aware of the problem and are working on a fix. “We take seriously the security of smartphones OnePlus, say company representatives. We are in close contact with researchers in the field of security and preparing an emergency software update”.

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