In iOS 13 iPhone, not to exceed 80% when you ship it… you know the reason

If you are one of the users who were quick to upgrade the iPhone to the new operating system iOS 13 (you know the advantages of the new system from here), you probably noticed that your iPhone doesn’t Charge fast as usual (at night only) as it remains stuck at a shipping rate of 80% or less and does not abandon these women and not up for the full 100% As in the previous version of the operating system, perhaps the reason that the problem is Apple, where the feature added in the new operating system iOS 13 which act to slow down the shipping process, but for good reason of course.

Although we are in a world of increasing speed of the charging process with techniques such as fast shipping and other in order to help the user to recharge his phone rapidly in less time, however, Apple decided to take the opposite way and slow down the charging process to protect battery life for its users, while charging for a long time does not represent a threat to the welfare of the users of the iPhone, but that feature rapid charging of the device were major factors that is loved by users which allows them to work on the iPhone all day before charging it again.

Now, with iOS 13 you will need the device for several hours after, as we said, the Apple want to reduce the aging of the battery of your iOS device in the long term, the opposite of what was happening in the operating system iOS 12 where users of the iPhone to charge the device during the night and leave it until the morning and this makes the battery of the iPhone remain for hours fully charged by 100%, which causes pressure on the battery as the heat from the charging process leads to more stress and after a period of exposure to heat will damage the battery.

How to extend the battery life of my iPhone?

In the new operating system iOS the 13, Apple has included a new feature in the name of “Optimized Battery Charging” can be accessed through the Settings then the phone battery then Battery Health, and then you will find a new feature which operates automatically during the night and during the hours of sleep of the user to prevent the battery of your iPhone to skip the shipping rate is 80% when the arrival of the machine to those women, will act as if it was fully charged, before waking up the user in one hour will resume the iPhone charging the remaining 20% of this is based on the world of your routine your daily.

How to use the battery of the iPhone completely?

If you are not a fan of that new feature, you can easily stop it permanently or temporarily, by opening Settings and then go to the battery and then choose Battery Health then the pressure to Improve Battery Settings > Battery > Battery Health > Optimized Battery Charging.

Then it will show a popup window with several options, namely “Turn Off” to disable the feature permanently, and “Turn Off Until Tomorrow” to turn off the water temporarily until tomorrow, and finally ” Cancel” if you change your mind and decided to retain that feature with your iPhone.

What do you think about this feature? And do you prefer charging the iPhone, the full impact on battery life in the long term, or way to smart charging, which may leave your phone on the 80% and thus the battery lasts you for greater in the long term? Tell us in the comments.



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