In his new is “Ingenius” Samsung compares the iPhone X and Galaxy Note 9

South Korean company Samsung continues to delight us with their commercials, and we continue to talk about them, they are all dedicated to Apple products. Recently, Samsung introduced a new smartphone Galaxy Note 9, fresh competitor to the Apple Watch and the column that will compete with the HomePod. It’s time to compare them with Apple products in advertising.

Earlier in the commercials of the advertising campaign Ingenius Apple smartphones compared with Samsung Galaxy S9. Today Galaxy S9 can not be called the most advanced smartphone from Samsung, and advertising began to appear Galaxy Note 9.

First movie is called Power. According to his story, the Apple Store employee talks with the customer about what it really means “power”. The appearance of this movie is reminiscent of the results of the test, according to which the Galaxy Note 9 could not beat iPhone X performance.

The second video is called Pen. In it, the client is surprised that Apple Pencil may not work with the iPhone. Galaxy Note 9 is equipped with a stylus S-Pen, which is specifically designed to work with a smartphone. Fair enough, Samsung.

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