In Google Play found 15 malicious apps designed to steal money

Security researchers from McAfee learned about the resurgence of dangerous malware Sonvpay.C, distributed through Google Play under the form of various utilities for Androidsmartphones. A modified version of the Trojan more skillfully hidden from the user of the infected device, preventing his detection.

Android viruses

Sonvpay.C gets on the device under the guise of flashlight apps, QR codes and directories of desktop images. When installed, the Trojan sends a notification to the user of the need to update consent to the download of which is signed by the victim to pay distribution and services.

Unlike previous versions Sonvpay.C, the new iteration doesn’t use the SMS system, preferring it to a WAP subscription. WAP-subscription allows you to issue a subscription service from content providers, but does not require sending any messages, not leaving the device visible traces of the activities of fraudsters.

Android malware

Only experts McAfee has identified 15 applications with built-in Sonvpay.C, most of which was loaded from 10 to 50 thousand times, and the total damage from the activities of fraudsters amounted to about 100 thousand dollars. Most often the victims of Trojan became the people of Kazakhstan and Malaysia, which accounted for most settings.

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