In Google Chrome for Android appeared a “smart” offline-mode

Google Chrome for Android received support for smart offline. It follows from the official developer blog the search giant. Innovation allows your browser to automatically download to your device interesting materials that can be read even without Network connection.

How to work offline Chrome


Intelligence offline available users updated Chrome, is its fully automated operation. As soon as the device detects an available Wi-Fi network with a good connection, a browser based on its own algorithms to decide what content is to be downloaded for offline reading.

At this stage of development of mode Chrome downloads the materials that are popular in the region of the user, in addition, based on his personal preferences. “Smart” algorithms by analyzing the browsing history automatically choose the most interesting, in their opinion, the content and download it to the device.

At the time of the publication update with offline mode available only to users of Chrome from India, Bangladesh, Brazil and Indonesia. Google made the decision about the necessity of the diffusion of innovation in the first place in these countries due to a lack of good Internet coverage, preventing a comfortable web surfing.

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