In Google Chrome discovered another vulnerability

Have fame and people’s love has a downside. For example, the most popular browser Google Chrome, apparently has a fairly serious vulnerability that allows hackers to infect the devices of the victims to install malware and steal information and bypass security systems. But fortunately, time and experience is not necessary, as the solution to the problem is.

Browser Google Chrome has another vulnerability

How can you catch a virus via Google Chrome?

According to the editors of the portal TechRadar, the experts on cyber security from Kaspersky Lab recently discovered a new vulnerability that is almost “sewn” into the browser to capture the web browser Google Chrome. So far, no need to worry, because, according to the information received, at the moment of attack aimed at users of the Korean version of the browser and is distributed mainly on the territory and South Korea. However, this problem is systemic and that it manifested itself in this territory, only means that hackers have to the region of interest. However, nothing prevents them from switches and other users of the world wide web.

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How does the vulnerability discovered? Actually fairly interesting. The attack itself is called WizardOpium and hackers use the exploit, dubbed Waterhole for injecting the malicious JavaScript code directly into the Google Chrome. The script was discovered on the Korean sites and will be downloaded automatically after a visit to unsecured web pages. Then, after restarting the browser, users simply access the home page of Google Chrome and the script will start to operate. It opens backdoor for algorithms that analyze a victim’s computer on the subject of personal data and passwords that safely (safely for hackers, of course) stolen.

A new vulnerability in Google Chrome once again shows that only cooperation between community security and software developers, as well as ongoing investment in technologies to prevent exploits, should be established as clearly as possible. It can protect us from unexpected and hidden attacks from hackers, said Anton Ivanov, a security expert at Kaspersky Lab.

It is important to note that, first, the Kaspersky Lab has already reported to Google about this issue and the patch should already be available for download. And, secondly, I want to say that the script affects gadgets users regardless of what operating system the device operates. Kaspersky Lab warn that WizardOpium may attack only Google Chrome version 65 and below. So check your browser if you have installed the current version, do not worry. You’re safe. As when you visit our news channel in the Telegram.

Also it would be nice to update antivirusnye base to current versions, as almost all programs of this sort have already learned to compute on the websites malicious JavaScript and not allow it to penetrate the system.

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