In Fortnite, new modes, guns, and also became known date of the start of the new season

Popular online shooter Fortnite received a new update 4.5, in which the developers fixed some bugs and also added two time modes and new weapons.

New modes are called “Sandbox” and “Decisive battle”. On the first mode, the Roma have written in detail in this article. In a nutshell – this is a training field where you can play four and to practice shooting and constructions. The match lasts 1 hour. In the last 5 minutes of the game storm starts to move. Included a fire.

Mode “Decisive battle” is similar to the standard “Royal battle.” However, in this round of the storm ceases to converge at some point of the match, then starts the countdown. The remaining teams fight each other until the time runs out. The winner is the team which will have more players.

Update 4.5 has brought into play a new weapon – twin pistols. They are available in epic and legendary variants. Guns use ammunition medium caliber 41-43 and cause damage. Shooting from two pistols.

In addition, Epic Games has announced that Fortnite, the fifth season starts this summer. To be more precise – 12 July 2018. That will include season, is not yet known.

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