In Fortnite began the fifth season – new skins, locations, and transportation!

No matter how you treated the project Epic Games, to deny that Fortnite was able to “move” all the other multiplayer games, it’s silly. The main advantages of the shooter became free, constant updates and an unusual game mechanics. In addition to the almost weekly additions of new elements (weapons, skins, etc.), the game is divided by seasons, after which the game world changes significantly. Today starts the fifth, so let’s figure out something from him worth the wait.
First, Royal rumble was a full transport. Yes, not so long ago the developers added the cart on which it was possible to move together, but to call it “transport” was difficult.

Now players are waiting for “Rover car” – advanced version of the conventional “Golf cart”, which will be noticeably faster truck and will be able to drift. Transport is just big enough for the entire squad, plus each participant will be in business. For example, sitting at the back can help the vehicle to jump over obstacles, simultaneously leaning back.

Drift will be encouraged, and the drift transport rate will increase. Plus the roof of the vehicle works as a casting platform, which significantly increases the number of attack options.

The map has also undergone significant changes. The launch was not without consequences, and the world was a rift, linking several universes into one. Appeared on the map of ancient statues, a huge Viking ship and secure base in the desert. Regions became more, the game adds “Lush palm trees” and “Lazy hole”.

In addition, during the gameplay on the map you can find the faults. A specific description of what they are doing, no, but the developers say that shagnuvshy in them waiting for a “cool adventure”. As players will find plenty of new challenges and secrets to find.

As for the paid part of the Fortnite (Yes, there are such), something about it the developers have not forgotten. Along with updating the multiplayer mode of “story” part of the game also got a lot of new elements. For groups there is a new mode of “Fight the Horde” where you have to build a Fort and defend it from waves of enemies.

For fans of custom skins added new heroes, “the Wild West” and old-school weapons for killing mozglyakov. Change very much and if you have nothing to do waiting for the client update Fortnite, you can read a detailed list of fixes and edits in the gameplay here.

If you still have not tried the story of the game, starting from July 17, anyone can purchase a “Battle with the Storm” with discount. And in the “Royal rumble” owners “Battle pass” will have access to unique mini games – Golf, volleyball and basketball!

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