In Ethereum Classic (ETC) held hardwork. What has changed?

In mid-March ETC-community announced hardwork. Update the network was supposed to go on the block under number 5 900 000, while its main task was the elimination of “bombs of complexity”. Due to this mining coins will remain profitable, and the networks don’t have to switch to Proof of Stake algorithm. Fork took the time to summarize.

The information was confirmed by the official Twitter account of Ethereum Classic. Leading account retweeted a post ETC Cooperative.

In the network ETC reduced the time unit, from 22 to 14 seconds. Also increased the overall Hasrat, because of what the network has become more secure. The authors talked about the increase from 5 to 8 TH/s, but now it’s dropped to 7. The latest information look on Gastracker.

To assess the extent of elimination of the “bomb of complexity” will help schedule. His study in the online chart-Coinwarz.

The complexity has been reduced from 144 TH to be current at the time of writing, 115 TH. This is almost 32 percent lower than a month ago.

The rate of coins has not changed much on the background of hard forks. One ETC give 15.21 USD, while the market capitalization of cryptocurrencies is 1.55 billion dollars. It looks like the price change over the last two days.

The coin is in 17th place in the world ranking. For the last day with ETC in the world to conduct operations on the equivalent of $ 147 million.

Details of production ETC read here. Digging coins traditionally recommended for 2Miners.

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