In DASH five thousand mastered. Why is it good?

Community altcoins sometimes no less important than the largest cryptocurrency Bitcoin. At the moment only a few projects alternative cryptocurrency focused on the augmentation of prices, while the rest emphasize on the development. Dash is just one of those altcoins under one roof always crammed with the most active developers. Not so long ago, this virtual asset has reached another important milestone.

According to the latest reports, in DASH now works 5000 mastered. If you not in the know, a node is any computer that connects to the network cryptocurrency. To communicate with each other and disseminating information about transactions and blocks, nodes use the p2p Protocol. Of these nodes, which share data is the network of the blockchain.

Source: Bitcoinist

For understanding of the topic I advise you to read this article. Here’s a great example with beacons.

Imagine a sea port at night. Warehouse on site with all the contents of the blockchain. Ships with containers arriving every few minutes, perform the new blocks. Because the dark street, between the port and the ships should be trust. The captains last want to be sure that profits in the right port, not the one where they Rob. In turn, the base employees want to know that the inside container has the information about the transaction, not a fraudulent program.

The bridge between the two sides are masternode. In this case they play the role of lighthouses at the entrance to the port. Beacons not two and three and thousands. They all Shine the necessary light and thus confirm the correctness of the direction of the ship. Beacons as if to soothe the captain, and say that all is normal — the port is ready to receive cargo. In other words, masternode guarantee the genuineness of the network. They very quickly confirmed blocks from different countries of the world. Masternode give a vote in favor of the assertion that the situation is normal, the blockchain is correct, and hackers here even does not smell. Once recruited the required number of votes the block gets to the chain.

In the report also States that from 5000 mastered activity and has constantly enabled were only 4872. It turns out, 128 mastered or was inactive at the time of analysis, or simply do not function.

According to the number of mastered may affect network security. Previously, the team already talked about the new more rigorous standards that will make the network more secure and protected against break-ins.

Unlike other cryptocurrency where the attacker can just rent Hasrat and try to attack the network, in the case of Dash is simply impossible.

So you can at least think about the attack on the network Dash, at your disposal should be about 60 percent of the total supply tokens. And a lot of money, which probably makes no sense to collect. Indeed, in the case of hacking, the user probably will sell your savings, which will impact on the course.

Accordingly, the growth of masternode network directly indicates the increase in demand for coins Dash. And the increasing decentralization available in the market makes the token attack on the network more and more costly.

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