In cryptosphere no place for criminal money. Binance blocks the money from the hacked exchange

This week the popular crypto currency exchange Cryptopia was the victim of the first in 2019 major hacking. As reported by the New Zealand police, the attackers stole a substantial amount. After hacking social media users began to track the movement of stolen funds, and warned the CEO of Binance Chanping Zhao, which means “settled” on Binance a largest crypto currency exchange. And now the site faster than others react, identify and freeze allegedly stolen funds.

I don’t understand why hackers continue to make money on Binance. Concerned users very quickly tell us about these transactions and we all block.

Despite the fact that the Binance and so is considered the safest exchange, now it’s going to take a more stringent stance against cybercriminals hunting for cryptocurrencies. Binance managed to freeze funds connected with the recent hacking Cryptopia and Chunpeng Zhao could once again managed to save face on Twitter.

Binance becomes a citadel of cryptobatrachus

In his opinion, personal storage, cryptocurrency also carries a huge risk, because users can always lose the private keys. In this case, storage on exchanges too dangerous. However, he advised the users of cryptocurrencies to store their funds on a proven safe exchanges, as this will give them more guarantees. Initially, the entrepreneur is advised to transfer all funds to the decentralized exchange, but later explained that he was referring to our own decentralized exchange from Binance, which is not yet launched.

The situation is strange. Trying to bring the stolen money without any prior liquidation of the tailings — at least silly. Attackers could use the mixer or at least to use Monero. In this case, to trace it would not work at all desire.

More data look at cryptodata.

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