In cryptocurrency appeared clear address — and this is really important

The field of cryptography is based around the study, development and application of methods of protecting data from third parties. As experience shows, from Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies is very complex addresses that consist of random case-sensitive letters and numbers. To remember them is almost impossible, although in fact it can be regarded as one of the ways to prevent unwanted access to your wallet.

Now users have the opportunity to create a clear address for cryptocotyle — like domain names on the Internet. This makes it easier to remember them, and also reduces the risk to send money to the wrong wallet address.

Often incidents happen when captainvalor send money to an invalid address, fail at least one character. The money is lost forever, because transactions in the blockchain are irreversible. The risk is also increasing due to harmful programs. For example, cryptocurrency addresses replaced browser extensions — we wrote about this in the article at the link.

Such pitfalls are one of the few obstacles in the way of mass adoption of cryptocurrency. Perhaps in the future a solution to this problem, there is, in the meantime you can get Bitcoin address in an understandable and memorable format.

How to accept bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies for a short address

A bitcoin address is a cryptographic string of combination 26 to 35 letters and numbers. These addresses are often case sensitive, confusing and difficult to remember. Often this creates a lot of problems for beginners who are just starting to use this emerging technology and is just afraid to enter them.

Now it will be easier: service Domains Unstoppable launched a new area of domain names .zil and .cryptothat can be used to create clear addresses to work with cryptocurrencies. Instead of the use of illegible alphanumeric string, it is enough to write your name or your company name. Others may use this domain when sending you the cryptocurrency.

Source: Unstoppable Domain

Interestingly, the domain is stored inside the blockchain wallet like bitcoin, and no one except the owner can not use it. A huge plus is that all websites that use these new domains, can be considered resistant to censorship. Nobody can take your domain or remove it from service, as the new blockchain-oriented domains are not included in the conventional domain name system DNS. Moreover, the owners can completely hide your personal data. Or leave them free — just as the data about the owner of a regular domain you can get services like whois.

If the new blockchain domains are gaining popularity as fast as the domains in the zone .com in the early days of the Internet, then it would be reasonable now to get a couple of suitable addresses. When came the "era of the dot-com", the cunning and enterprising "investors" bought up the best domains and then sold them for huge sums to all comers. Many have amassed this fortune.

Although representatives Unstoppable Domains argue that the owners of registered trademarks have the priority right for registration similar to the name of their company domain, most likely attractive domains will end very soon. About the same happened with the domains in the zone .com, after which he entered the new zone .net and .tv, as well as many others that are still used around the world.

For the name registration will have to pay. By the way, the project received grants from the Ethereum Foundation and Zilliqa Foundation.

Perhaps one day domain .crypto will be the same rare and difficult, as 4-letter domains in the zone .com. What do you think about this? Best topic to discuss in cryptodata of hontarov.

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