In Colombia to use drones to combat the cocaine plantations

Thanks to the widespread popularity of radio-controlled drones, they are “captured” even the lower price segments, becoming a product available to the masses. The drones began to be perceived not only as “a toy for pampering and shooting videos”, but you can find them and more interesting application. For example, the government of Colombia has decided to use drones to combat the cocaine plantations. Moreover, video surveillance is commonplace, this struggle is not limited.

About a very interesting application reports edition of The Wall Street Journal. The idea is, by and large, not new but only slightly modified: now to combat the growing drug use of light manned aircraft – “crop dusters” who patrol remote areas in search of Coca cultivation. After the detection on these fields is reset herbicide glyphosate – a powerful tool to control weeds, destroys them for a long time. However, the use of airplanes there is a problem: they fly at high altitude and after a reset of glyphosate it is carried by wind and water. Part of it is not simply misses “the target”, but also can damage the useful crops and forests. Not to mention the harm to the animals.

Drones help to solve this problem. They dump the stuff from the height of 2 meters. Moreover, recognition of crops itself may determine the landing place of Coca, highlighting her amongst the coffee, maize and other crops, which often disguise this plant. In addition, the system will also avoid the dispersion of harmful substances near water bodies and national parks, reporting these landings to law enforcement.

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