In Chrome will appear built-in feature to send links from your phone to PC and back

The ability to share links between your smartphone and computer, available by default in many browsers, will soon appear in Google’s Chrome. This developers from the XDA team made sure to find in the source code of the application to surf the web the ability to send open tabs from your mobile device to desktop and Vice versa. This innovation will provide users with Chrome the ability to seamlessly continue running pages in situations, when you need to quickly switch between platforms.

The source code of Chrome, as reported by the developers XDA includes only a function name — Self Share, but does not include any mention of its operation. However, we can assume that the innovation will work by the principle of service Pushbullet, providing the ability to send links from your smartphone on your desktop computer. Links sent in notification with a URL, clicking on which will take you to the desired page.

How to send link from Chrome from your smartphone to the computer

Despite the fact that long Chrome can sync tabs between devices based on different platforms, Self Share will make the process faster and more relaxed, increasing the ease of use. A similar opportunity a few years available to users of the Apple ecosystem, who can start work in the browser on the computer and instantly pick it up on your smartphone or tablet.

Mention the functions of the Self Share, found in the source code, however, does not mean that it will appear in Chrome in the foreseeable future. It is not excluded that testing can take several months and in the case that the developers will be unhappy with her, she may never appear in a release build of the web browser, and users will have to settle for a third-party solution.

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