In California we can finally purchase an electronic license plates

We have already reported that the company Reviver developed and began testing in the U.S. electronic license plates. Now the novelty can be officially purchased and installed on my car.

California Governor Jerry brown signed a decree allowing to sell digital numbers five years ago, and now, after a period of testing, motorists can experience the technology yourself.

It will have to pay $ 699 – that’s how much is estimated the electronic license plate. Owners of cars with these numbers will be able to renew the registration of your vehicle, changing the data on the die, instead of to mold the stickers every year. In addition, the e-room will display a personal message, if they’re approved by a Department of motor vehicles California.

By the way, other than buying the rooms, motorists will have to pay $7 per month for its use. Well, it is also worth noting that currently the use of digital numbers is permitted only on the rear of the car. Press Secretary of the California Department of motor vehicles announced that the state already goes to 116 cars with digital numbers.

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