In August, the autopilot Tesla will become a fully Autonomous

In August, Tesla will update the software Autopilot, which is used on electric vehicles, the company said the Chairman of the Board and chief Executive officer of the company Ilon Musk. Comments Mask appeared at the height of race car manufacturers and technology companies in the deployment of fully Autonomous cars, but also raised concerns about the safety of robotic systems.

Answering questions of the user who complained about problems with the autopilot (which is now considered semi-Autonomous), Creator of Tesla said that the upgrade to a fully Autonomous version will be released in August. Now driving the car should always be. “Version 9” of the autopilot needs to solve a number of problems.

“Today’s resources “Autopilot” is rightly focused on safety. With V9 we will begin to leverage the capabilities of the government,” he says.

Musk has not yet provided any details about the system, which could accelerate the emergence of self-driving cars on the roads of the United States. Federal investigators are examining a series of accidents involving self-driving cars.

The musk is not very happy with the focus on accidents, arguing that self-driving cars will be much safer drivers-men.

“It is absolutely wrong that the accident of Tesla, which led to a broken ankle on the front page of Newspapers, but about 40,000 people died in car accidents last year, almost no one says,” Musk said last month.

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