In Android 9 Pie found useful things for display from Google. How to use

The updated operating system Android Pie 9 happy users a lot of improvements. For example, yesterday the owners of the Galaxy Note 9 learned about the possibility to activate the Dolby separately for games. Mode will increase the volume and make it higher quality. In addition, shell is One UI for Samsung got updated to do Not disturb, which blocks the sounds of the media and refuses to play them. Now it is the turn of useful things and came to devices from other manufacturers.

We are talking about the ability to reset the adaptive brightness to baseline, according to 9to5google. Recall that a function uses the features from the machine learning DeepMind, which allow you automatically to adjust the level of brightness depending on the environment and user’s activity. As soon as the system over time will learn your preferences, her work will be automated.

To reset the accumulated knowledge of the program will help Device Health Services. Yesterday the developers released the app update to version 1.6, which is available for download at the link. It contains and reset the adaptive brightness.

For surgery run the program, go to the memory menu, and then click on clean it up. The application will prompt you to reset. The second option is to delete the data, including statistics on battery life. Prior to the upgrade Device Health is simply offered to erase all the information available.

We will remind, yesterday the beta version of the Android Pie 9 made it to the Galaxy Note 8. First updated the previous generations of Samsung flagships from Germany, USA, UK, China, India and other popular markets.

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