In a week.. download game Assassin’s creed unity three million times

Made the game Assassin’s creed unity an Fighting record, where the game was downloaded 3 million times within just the past week, after the statements made by France to review the model of the Cathedral of Notre Dame in the game to renovate the famous church and archaeological, which has been subjected to fire recently.

It is the reasons that contributed to achieve this record also, the declaration of the Company-developer Ubisoft available game for download for free during that period via the shop U play Your Company.

Game Assassin’s creed unity of action games with open-world, released in 2014, available on current-gen consoles PlayStation 4 was Facebook and sediment etc, and the game phase individual phase of the collective with a maximum of four players, I have had the game some technical problems immediately released.

The events of the game spin in Paris

The game is the sixth part of a series of games Assassin’s creed, and the events of the game in the heart of Paris around a group of rebels in the time of the French Revolution, where the hero ” Arno Dorian” causes of truth behind the revolution.

Born hero the family of the French poor in the city of Versailles, in the age of conversation was the murder of his father, then adopted by a family of high rank, but the murder of his adoptive father also, and then decides to join the Assassin’s, and the hero in love with “Elise de las” son of his adoptive father, which gives the hero more of a reason to find the killer of his adoptive father and “Elise”.

There is no firearms in the game, where it depends on the fencing, so we find in the game ancient weapons like the sword and people, and to improve the skills level of the hero the player to buy skills to upgrade them, money can be obtained through the theft of the crowd present in the game or by the hunt for the bandits and take their money.

And depends the game on a style secret that can the player kill enemies without being noticed by anybody, as it could method the player from pursuing the killer and their unnoticed.

Unlike the previous parts of the game this allows the cooperative play online a maximum of four players, and you can find players by visiting bars that congregate in the players, it seems the appearance of the player just like a ghost you just met them and requested their help in the completion of tasks.

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