In a Screen time on iOS is full of loopholes, and Apple is not even scratched

One of the main problems of our time, according to Apple, is the dependence on smartphones. Despite the fact that this disorder is absent in the official classification of diseases, it has long since gained the scale of this epidemic. If we get a spare minute, we immediately take in hand the smartphone and usually just aimlessly stick to it. But one thing when we are talking about an adult, who is himself responsible, and quite another when dependence is manifested in a child, unable to make their own informed decisions. So Apple invented the function of “Screen time”, designed to limit the use of smartphones, which children, however, have long learned to work around it.

Screen time is not a parental control feature, and a proof of the superiority of children over their parents

Most often, parents use “Screen time” on devices their children, to limit their stay on social networks, as well as the time they spend on playing games, watching videos on YouTube and other entertainment. It is enough to set temporary limits, after which the application will be blocked and children will lose access to them. But it is in theory. In practice, resourceful children use certain loopholes, which Apple simply did not know existed, creating “Screen time” and bypass the lock in a matter of minutes. Meanwhile, it’s a pretty serious problem.

How to cheat a Screen time on iOS

On YouTube there are many clips showing different ways to circumvent the restrictions “Screen time”. For example, to extend the time limit to access the application use the change time zone and date, which allow you to defer locking as many times as needed. If the parents decide to block YouTube, you can watch videos in the interface iMessage or any other messenger, who usually do not block, because for many they are the primary method of communication. Well, in the most extreme case it is possible to restore the backup. As a result, the restrictions will be lifted, and the parents won’t suspect a thing.

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At first glance it all seems funny. Some even are proud that their children were so smart that they are able to bypass the security system on the creation of which worked dozens of developers of the most technologically advanced corporations in the world. However, over time the fun takes place, and parents begin to worry that you do not have effective means of control over their children, who, because of flaws “Screen time” are at risk.

Bugs of iOS that Apple does not fix

Today you can find a lot of complaintsthat disgruntled parents left on the support forum Apple, requiring the company to modify “Screen time”. Because most of the loopholes that existed in iOS 12, when the feature first appeared, exists to this day. Even on iOS 13.1.3, you can easily distribute in iMessage YouTube videos and watch them, even if the host is YouTube blocked due to the expiration of the allowable time limit. But in Cupertino they don’t hear their users and don’t even try to fix anything.

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The reaction of the Apple looks a bit odd, considering that the original “Screen time” was created, including the parental control feature. The company could be forgiven all these loopholes, if she did not provide a separate regime for children. Then you could write off the existing shortcomings that the function is purely informative and not restrictive. In the end, a grown man and he knows the password, which may at any time to remove all the locks. But since “Screen time” focused more on the protection of children, would be better if Apple still bothered to improve, while it is not filed in court.

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