In 2019 will come out Galaxy Note 10 but it will not be the most expensive flagship Samsung

This year Samsung does surprise us to no plans, and it is difficult to challenge, as the flagship smartphone lines, Galaxy S and Galaxy Note had already been submitted. But next year the company plans to release something that will Eclipse its own flagships. To pay for something it will have quite a lot.

During a recent conference with investors, the head of Samsung Electronics D. J. Koch spoke about the company’s plans for the next year. He made it clear that Galaxy S and Galaxy Note will remain separate products. This means that we are waiting for Galaxy S10 in several variations and Galaxy Note 10. But we are not waiting for just that.

D. J. Koh said it would be a product that will be more premium than the Galaxy Note 10. The fact is that the company plans to release its first 5G smartphone, bendable smartphone next year. It will exist separately from the S and Note lines, and it can be assumed that the cost of the device is more expensive than 1500 dollars.

It is a logical step. If Samsung wants to introduce something really new and innovative, is to issue a separate device that will not frighten existing customers a high price, but will wish to touch a new. Will you be among those wishing? Tell us in our chat.

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