In 2019 to wait flagship from HTC is not worth

It’s hard to believe, but only 7 years ago HTC was the best Android manufacturer. All companies sought to release a smartphone similar to the HTC devices. The Taiwanese have released the device with a unique design, nice materials and stylish at that time shell. With 2014 slowly but surely, began to fall. Smartphones every day lost popularity, falling profits, decreased sales.

HTC has done a lot, in order to somehow resist. Several times the company has optimized costs, dismissed thousands of employees, but profits continued to decline. Now it’s time to declare that HTC will not release a new-generation flagship HTC U13 in 2019. This was stated by colleagues from Phandroid, citing sources close to HTC.

The company, for example, may release a smartphone average price category. The source reports that HTC will show “something else”, without disclosing any details. This step is the only correct and the other options in this situation, I do not see.

Given that U12+, the company is not able to compete with competitors, if guys could, they would have released the frameless device, but this is why some do not. HTC, in my opinion, lack resources to develop such innovative devices, so the desire to produce “something else” — rather not reload, but simply the inability to compete with the market giants.

HTC was all the company could be the market leader, but something went wrong. Is there any hope that HTC in 2019 will show something unusual and interesting? In truth, such hopes not.

Is there anyone among our readers owners of smartphones HTC? How do you feel about this news and what smartphone are planning to buy in the future, if HTC still refuses to release the flagship of the new generation?

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