In 2019, Huawei will shift Samsung with leading positions

In the second quarter of 2018 Huawei for the first time managed to overtake Apple in sales of smartphones in the world. The company then sold 54.2 million vehicles, taking 15.8% of the world market. Statistics for the whole of 2018 was not less interesting, the Chinese managed to sell 200 million phones at $ 52 billion, which is 50% more compared to the 2017 year. By 2018, Huawei is the second smartphone manufacturer in the world, second only to Korean giant. However, the situation soon may change.

On Tuesday at the presentation of the 5G-module, the head of Huawei Devices, Richard Yu spoke about the forecasts for the year 2019. So, in 2019, may become the biggest player in the market, despite the sanctions the U.S. and other countries. This statement against the background of falling sales of Apple and Samsung and downs of the market as a whole, of course, raises the wonder and respect.

“Our customers trust us. Only politicians try to put pressure on us,” said Richard Yu at a press conference

The company plans to keep the growth rate in 2019 due to the release of a new foldable 5G-smartphone, Huawei it will have on the consumer Mobile World Congress (MWC), which kicks off in exactly one month, February 25, 2019.

“We will be number one in the world even without the US market,” added Richard

The fall in the world market will continue, and 5G is unlikely to contribute to its growth, as only in 2022, the 5G standards will be adopted in most countries. Therefore, it is not known how the company will be able already this year to become a leader. The head of Huawei it does not deny that the first place companies will be able to get the worst forecasts until next year. However, the fact that Huawei in the next two years will be exactly a leader in the company probably will not discuss because of the obvious question.

Meanwhile, in Russia the share of Huawei in the money in 2018 amounted to 24.4%, which allowed it to bypass the Samsung, which over the same period earned 23.3% of the total income. In 2018, Russia had sold 2.86 million smartphones to 16.9 billion rubles.

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