In 2019 Cardano will be the most decentralized network. Review co-founder IOHK

Among the followers of Cryptoprotected caught on the trend. The developers share with the community news on the development of networks and plans for the future. In a panel discussion with Unblocked CEO IOHK Charles Hoskinson spoke about current technologies in space. He also touched upon the impact that they bring to society.

Hoskinson claims to have PoS and PoW are obvious differences. They concluded that one model is dealing with the physical aspect, and the second aimed at reducing the effort for the same result.

When you are dealing with a physical presence — as in the case of PoW — the government or anyone else can force to capture a particular hangar or product. The subjects of the PoW is also subject to attack Goldfinger. That is one PoW network can destroy the second network, if lured by 51 per cent of the total Hasrat.

Also the CEO IOHK notes that PoW is impossible in the long term. In his opinion, the mining pools are not loyal, and participants in the pools are “don’t care about neither the price nor the quality of the blockchain”.

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He recalled the recent update Cardano 1.5. As noted in the company at the time of launch of the update, “Cardano 1.5 carries a vital importance in the process of preparation for transition to phase development of Shelley”. According to Hoskinson, the new version is the first in a series of updates aimed at improving decentralization Cardano.

When we fully complete the transition, users get 100 times more decentralized product than Bitcoin. While our network by the end of the year will be the most decentralized of the available in the market.

To compete with Cardano as part of the decentralization will be the Ethereum using the algorithm ProgPoW. Details about it are in this article. The current rate of coins can be found in our classroom ranking of cryptocurrencies.

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