Imposition of a fine on the Facebook soon to violate the privacy of users

A new report reveals about the plans of the U.S. government to impose a fine on the company Facebook page as a result of violation cascading from the company to users ‘ privacy.

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Did not adhere to company Facebook laws that put the protection of users on the social network, where the successive breakthroughs in the social network during the last period, which led to the decision of the competent governmental institutions in the United States need to impose a fine on the company Facebook.

I have begun the Federal Trade Commission is already thinking about the imposition of a fine since March of last year, where it is expected that the fine imposed on Google Inc. in the former which came to $ 22.5 million, and projections indicate that the sanctions Facebook will be the largest after the end of ongoing investigations.

In the meantime I can’t stress about the acceptance of FB per gram of Finance, which will open officially on the company soon, however, the projections suggest that Facebook will come to a settlement with the specialists at the Federal Trade Commission.

Recall that the agreement that has been hacked oblige the company Facebook to notify users and obtain a permit them to share their data, as the company is obliged to inform the Federal Trade Commission for entities that use users personal information without a face really.


I know of

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