Important announcement Google I/O already issued

During its Google I/O conference in 2018, the company introduced a lot of interesting things, including the next version of the most popular mobile operating system — Android P., the General public saw the future of technology from Google and waiting for their application in real devices. It is reported that one of the announcements of the conference saw the light.

“Ok Google” for Google Home will be to perform some voice commands in a row

Last week Google released an update for Google Home that provides support for multiple actions. A feature that was announced earlier this year at Google I/O, enables the implementation of several voice commands after once spoken by the user “Ok Google”, it is noted in the published Fortune article Emily Price (Emily Price).

The extension of the functionality of smart columns is one of the most important directions of development of modern digital technologies. After all, these devices now are relatively new in the market and are gaining popularity just as before became more widespread computers and smartphones. It is possible that the products in this category, the delivery of which Google as previously reported, recently for the first time surpassed Amazon with a giant growth of supply and 483% in the near future and will find yourself using the most impressive innovations.

For example, the user may once to say “Ok Google” and ask Google Home to report weather, updated news, and play music. And we won’t have to repeat “Ok Google” for the implementation of each input voice commands.

How the new Google Home?

The implementation of such multiple teams, the weather forecast will be provided after the headlines, and then begin to play user-selected music content. The user can also ask two questions. For example, ask to play the weather for two cities at once, without making two queries.

However, currently, multiple actions are supported only for queries in English, but Google had previously announced plans to implement future support for new features for other languages.

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