iMicro.. cut in the size of the Leech finger, turning your smartphone into a microscope strongly 800x

There are innovations alike changed the course of human discoveries, the telescope also, it has become possible for the human eye to see the Heavenly Bodies, planets and stars very clearly, as I was able to see the world of germs and microbes microflora for the Prevention of evil.

With the technological progress that we are making every day, there is no longer a need to own a microscope complex, high cost and difficult pregnancy, and while you can get what you want across a piece in the size of the head of the finger, is fitted on the camera lens in your smartphone, to give you the power maximize battery 800 times.

Piece IEEE iMicro any smart phone to microscope strongly enlarge the battery does not affect the clarity of vision, and the use of iMicro any difficulty, they are installed easily on the camera lens, weighing 1.5 grams does not pose any hindrance to the normal use of the phone, while the price of which is less than 1% of the price of the microscope in my office has the same ability.

Successfully funding campaign iMicro collect the target amount of which, on the site of crowdfunding indiegogo, and can be purchased through the website at a price of $ 35 (650 pounds approx).

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