IMDb learn about Freedive, which is the platform free to watch movies and serials with ads


The company announced IMDb it will launch a new service to broadcast movies in the United States of America called Freedive. And the interesting thing in this service is that it will be free but will ads.

Although the platform IMDb they did in the past some of the content on the form of promotional ads for the films, interviews, and parts of the series, this new service will show films and television programmes in full. According to IMDb, the service Freedive new affiliate will provide the users the possibility to watch many movies and series such as Fringe and Heroes and The Bachelor, and Without a Trace and Awakenings and Foxcatcher, and Memento, Monster, Run Lola Run and The Illusionist, as well as several movies and other sitcoms. However, I didn’t reveal to US company IMDb on the number of movies and series that will be available initially in the platform Freedive New own, but will likely not be a long list in the beginning.

The service will be available on the web and on devices Amazon Fire TV as well. After that, the service will be available as well through the application of IMDb for mobile devices. As we mentioned earlier, this service will be in the United States of America only.


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