Images leaked for the Galaxy Buds in black

A new version of the headphones Samsung Wireless disclosed soon with versions of Samsung possible of smart phones, where the back of the headset Galaxy Buds in the leaks illustrated in black.

Samsung Galaxy Buds leak in black

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Offer Samsung headset Galaxy Buds wireless new this year in the presentation of the requests of the prior reservation distinctive versions of the Galaxy S10, and performances that used to be provided by the Korean giant during the past years with the launch of versions possible.

And supports headphones Galaxy Buds wireless charging via phones S10, where the wireless speaker that the general battery capacity of 58 mAh only, while the portfolio capacity of 252 mAh in the battery, where the battery capacity is less than headphone Gear IconX that came in 2018 with a battery 82 mAh while the clipboard capacity of 340mAh battery.

It is planned that support headset Galaxy Buds pattern independently run, with a storage capacity of 8 GB can support the user to store up to 2000 a song for example, also come headphones Bluetooth 5.0, also will not vary the standards of water resistance in the sky on the IPX2 this year also.

Recall that the Samsung’s display this year to get headset Galaxy Buds free the requests of the prior reservation for S10 will be held in some regions, also due to start selling the earphones separately in the market at the beginning of March in conjunction with the launch of the Galaxy S10.


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