iMac (Mid 2015): adding to the family iMac Retina 5K

Tuesday 19 may 2015 updated two model line Apple reported total, one for all, press release. Line 27-inch iMac Retina 5K has expanded to “become more affordable” (cheaper). Since October 2014 in the online store was the only initial configuration of the iMac with Retina 5K display, now she, one day, at the same time became “top” and significantly cheaper. And “top” it was due to the fact that it added another configuration, cheaper.

Unprecedented generosity Phil Schiller explained simply, the iMac with Retina 5K so all love, that the company decided to make it more accessible for a greater number of people. Most likely, the sales volume of this incredible device, which was invested so much money and effort Apple is not satisfied.

Strange: in the reviews the end of 2014 2.5 thousand dollars for a iMac with Retina 5K display is called a “fair” price. But despite the fascinating charms of the screen, after which any other screen seemed dull and poor, a sigh went back to misery.

Sales of the iMac with Retina 5K display is just a guess. Perhaps taking up time business Tim cook and his top dignitaries began thinking about time, and how they will look in history. And they wanted to do good deeds, at the expense of the shareholders of the company. How about this?

It looks that way, but what happened in reality, we don’t know.

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The updated iMac lineup

Until may 19 in the online store iMac with Retina 5K display was represented by a single base configuration 2 costing $ 499. Now it cost 2 $ 299. In the configuration used 4-Core Intel Core i5 3.5 GHz (i5 4690) cache third level 6 MB, and with overclocking Turbo Boost 2.0 up to 3.9 GHz.

The top configuration was not a top in the Configurator had the option of replacing the processor for a more powerful 4-core Intel Core i7 4.0 GHz (i7-4790K) with a cache of the third level is 8 MB and with overclocking Turbo Boost 2.0 up to 4.4 GHz, for $ 250. This configuration also fell, with 2 749 to $ 2 549.

In economy configuration for the 1 999 dollars used 4-Core Intel Core i5 3.3 GHz (i5-4590) with a cache of the third level of 6 MB with the acceleration of Turbo Boost 2.0 to 3.7 GHz. We will consider it in more detail. The price difference between i5-4690 and i5-4590 would not be enough to reduce the price to $ 200.

All processors – Haswell the above prices are prices in the US, without taxes and fees.

iMac with Retina 5K display is of economy class

About its processor, i5-4590, and we talked. The difference in performance between i5-4590 and i5-4690 – a few percent.

But to a screen with fantastic resolution took possession of as many people as possible had to sacrifice not only the clock frequency.

To reduce the size of RAM? Alas, a big Mac with Mac OS 10.10 on Board and with Retina display less than 8 gigs would be terrible. The two configurations consisted of 8 GB PC3-12800 (1 699 GHz) DDR3 SDRAM. On the back side of the case was a special hatch for access to four RAM slots that can be expanded to 32 Gigabytes. As in “top” version.

To use the graphics card easier? Is AMD Radeon R9 M290X in the base configuration the top option economy option was used in AMD Radeon R9 M290, both cards used are 2 GB of GDDR5-memory. The difference is one is insufficient.

In the “top” of the basic configuration was a Fusion Drive (128 GB flash memory + hard drive capacity of 1 Terabyte ), the economy in the hard disk of 1 TB with rotational speed of the rotor 7 200 rpm In 2015!

Even if the target configuration is not applied SSD, bus for its communication was in place. Are they realized that to save on these pins funny?

For a fee of 150 dollars “terabyte” could be replaced by the drive capacity of 3 TB (7 200 rpm).

Other options: Fusion Drive of 1 Terabyte for $ 200, Fusion Drive 3 TB for 350, SSD volume of 256 GB, 512 GB and 1 Terabyte for 200, 500 and 1000.

Independent media replacement was possible (but this required skill and talent, most often entrusted to professionals)

The option of replacing the processor for something more powerful in the basic configuration, economy class was not. But Intel Core i5 3.3 GHz (i5-4590) is not itavalta into the motherboard, it was placed in the socket LGA 1150 (Socket H3), any processor compatible with LGA 1150, with a lower TDP 88 Watt, theoretically, was supposed to be.

The rest (the model ID iMac15,1, case, display, lack of support for TDM – none of iMac’s with Retina 5K display could not be used as a Thunderbolt display, and many other parameters) the new iMac was identical to the “top”.

To be continued

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